Our services

We know that not all our clients have the same requirements, so we design, develop and run the entertainment and leisure programme that best suits each establishment whether it’s a small hotel, a campsite, a tour-operator or a big hotel chain.

Whatever type of establishment it is, we guarantee an exclusive deal and the best possible advice when starting up and running the programme. It’s our service commitment.


We are creative

We listen to our holidaymakers and dream up new ways to pleasantly surprise them.



Product cards

More than 300 technical files, which are constantly renewed. We classify them according to the type of traveller, schedule, materials, etc…

Departamento Creativo Acttiv

Creative Department

The Product and Training department team is always travelling to different destinations, thinking up new ideas and listening to the team leaders.


Programas de animación Acttiv


We put names to the faces of the people who work in the Product team and present our innovation strategy. We look at today’s trends and transform them into new products.

La Kitchen Acttiv

The Kitchen

This is where we cook up all our new recipes. Through a peephole in The Kitchen you can have a look at workshops, events, special days and lots more surprises.

Proyectos de mejora Acttiv

Plans for improvement

Following an agreed timeframe, we present to the establishments improvements to the programmes and recommendations for the facilities.

Consultoría Acttiv


Every client’s requirements necessitate a different type of personalisation. Themes, creation of mascots’ imaginary worlds…we relish these challenges!




Our ideas reach for the stars but are also realistic – as we’re going to make them happen


Personnel recruitment

To offer the chance to work in entertainment via social media, we have the job portal animajobs.com in 6 languages and lots of casting calls

Formacion animadores


We offer face-to-face and online training courses. We believe in internal training because we believe entertainment is a career.

Configuración de equipos

Team set-up

We create teams of people with talents, multiple languages and disparate experiences; in this way we are able to offer the best possible service to our guests.

Implantacion actividades animación



Our watchwords : internal training, tutorials, technical files, Product Department support, and constant communication with the team leaders.


Follow-up and quality processes


The first tourist entertainment company to have the ISO Quality Certificate. Our commitment to service drives us to constantly improve.



We create an annual calendar with all our special activities. It’s our guide to making sure that we’re always implementing innovative ideas.

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