The Wonderful Trip

The magical journey of your corporate mascot

Coocked : Beatriz Diez


Cloakroom + Mascot + Projector + Prop + Screen + Team of four entertainers


Families · Kids

The recipe, step by step

What is The Wonderful Trip?

The Wonderful Trip is a show for children and is ideal for all the family to enjoy.

This show takes us on an adventure around the world. Your hotel or campsite’s mascot will get a visit from its friend-to-be, Ufri, who will give it an aeroplane ticket to marvellous places across the globe. They’ll get to know lots of countries and they’ll often stop off to dance with very special guests.

How can your establishment get the maximum benefit from The Wonderful Trip?

On the day of the The Wonderful Trip projection, the entertainment team will timetable a joint Themed Day of daytime entertainment. This will take place in the miniclub, with crafts, dances and activities related to the show so that the children actively participate throughout the mascot’s journey. You can also benefit by selling your hotel’s mascot merchandise.

Themed Day The Wonderful Trip

Happy music, disguises related to travel, the Mascot and handicrafts will help children to recreate a world of adventures across the planet. The children will be able to attempt the dances performed during the evening show, to go on a safari around the hotel identifying disguised animals and to take photos with a camera that they’ve made themselves. They’ll also be able to celebrate the Themed Day of the mascot’s birthday. All this and much more in one The Wonderful Trip Day!

The Wonderful Trip is a production in our Sincro synchronised projection events format. We’ve created it so that you can give a new exciting aspect to the evening entertainment programme at your hotel or campsite. These live shows with incorporated audiovisual projection are staged by entertainers who are very talented dancers and actors. The themes of the shows are designed for all ages so that the guests at your establishment will always remember their holidays spent there.

You’d like to use this recipe at your establishment?

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